Do your thoughts serve you or are you at the mercy of your thoughts?

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It serves as a guide, mentor and coach to support your transformation. 

About The Assessment

This Self-Assessment is a valuable Self-Awareness Tool utilized in Mary's Workshops and Coaching Sessions and is recommended in the multiple award-winning Managing Thought book and audio book and the Companion Audio and PDF Guide: How to Access the Powerful of Thankfulness

Use the Self-Assessment as a starting point to set goals and create your vision for a life well lived and a job well done. Use it as a checkpoint every few months or annually to measure - and celebrate - your progress and choose next steps to create the next version of your highest vision.  Most of us would not imagine that, in a moment, we can actually change the course of our lives, our families and our organizations through our thoughts. By Managing Thought, we can consciously choose our futures because everything we think is a matter of choice. 

There is nothing else and no one else responsible or to blame for what goes on inside of our heads. The quality and quantity of our lives, our organizations, our families and our careers are dramatically impacted by how we think and how we behave. And how we behave depends on what we are thinking.

Managing Thought
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Managing Thought
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How to Access the
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